ben & tuffy

I realized that I have hardly any pictures of
Bennett without Tuffy. He loves Tuffy and Tuffy does a great
job tolerating the love.



Allie or Alli or Ali or Ally.....

How do we spell her name? Tell me how you would spell it so I can see what is most common.
Here she is smiling...

... now sad....

...now cooing...

...now laughing. All in less than a minute. Intense little girl :)


We went to Bakersfield a couple weekends ago... it was a fun trip! We went for Maddie's baptism and to see my parents. We had not been to their house for a LONG time... I'm not even really sure when the last time was. Adam was sad he couldn't go since he had a fishing trip with his brothers, but the kids and dog and I went. And, I'm pretty sure Adam had a great weekend too.
Here are three cuties. Bennett and Jason get along so well and they are nice enough to let Isaac be with them too. Such sweet little boys! Oh and Tuffy is a sweet boy too.

These two are in their own world and most of the time that involves legos...
I'm glad that Jackson and Zac have eachother to play with.

The highlight of the trip for Isaac.... my parents shower has a big window that looks out on an herb garden. It is beautiful. I actually love showering in their shower too! :)

Allison is so aware and alert and it seems like she wants to talk so badly.

We went to the Marketplace Sat. night and walked around, and it was so fun! There was a band and tons of chalk art with aisles so you could walk through and watch the artists drawing. The boys loved it and so did I.

Madison was so good with baby Allison. Her baptism was great and it was fun to see her so happy. I'm hoping Allison is a lot like her someday.

All the boys after the baptism.