First Day of School

They didn't seem nervous at all! And they could not be cuter. Both got the teacher they had wanted so everyone was happy!

Happy Birthday Sweet Alli

Well, Alli turned one as you can see... she got a beautiful little birthday outfit and shoes from my mom and dad... thanks! She was a little difficult to work with in getting a good picture. There are about 50 shots of her crawling away or hitting me! But here are my favorites :). Escpecially the one where I told my dad to turn Alli's face towards me and she strained... she is hilarious!


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July = vacation month

July was when all of our summer vacations took place... and it was great! We played for 3 weeks straight and even had time at the end to recover at home and pull it back together before Adam had to go back to work! Perfect! There are a million pics below, but I can't get the text where I want it so I'll just say what it all was:
We've had a couple of fun visits from Grandma and Grandpa Greene who just returned from a mission to Taiwan! We hung out and went rollerskating one day. The kids were so happy to see them after about a year and a half. They brought the kids some fun gifts.
We had a fun 4th of July at our house! We played a lot of football in the front yard until it got dark and then did fireworks with some friends. Alli slept through almost the whole thing!
We've gotten to see Grandma and Grandpa Hawkins a lot on their way to and from Utah and also a fun trip to visit in California. They are always so fun to be with! One of the times they were here we went on the new bridge on the Hoover Dam. It was REALLY high and hotter than... you can even imagine. Kind of fun and kind of creepy to be up so high! Then we went below and walked on the dam a little.
Jackson had his first appointment in over a year with the diabetes study at Children's Hospital of L.A. and it was so fun to see his awesome nurse, Meredith, who we all love.
We went with my parents to the Science Museum in L.A. I don't know what the real name of it is but it was really fun for my kids! Isaac is still talking about the earthquake simulator and Jackson and Bennett loved the giant cockroach and the chair filled with cigarette butts. We loved spending time at the beach and hanging out with my mom and dad!
We came home from California and had our good friends from Texas visit us for a few days, then we left and went with them to Lake Las Vegas. For the locals, it is a great deal! I love it there and want to go back. There was a little fake beach at the hotel that the kids loved with a waterfall right behind it and the kids played happily for hours. I think what I'm trying to say is that we need to live at the beach :)!
Last fun stop was St. George for the Greene Family Reunion. It was a full week of fun and relaxing! Lots of swimming and playing with cousins. Of course I didn't take enough pictures but we did race cars, hiked, and went bowling... and swam a ton. Not to mention the moustache contest, capture the flag (with only a few minor injuries), and golf for the boys. It's so nice to have great in-laws! My kids especially enjoyed the grass... kind of sad that nice grass is a big deal if you have desert landscaped yard. There is one picture of Jackson and Bennett playing a game where Adam would throw something and they would have to go find it in the grass... like an easter egg hunt. Oh and there were monetary prizes. So it was serious! So funny.
Well, I could go on forever and post even more pictures (if you can believe it), but I won't!

of July