We Still Love You Isaac, but....

He has decided to not be a great sleeper anymore and this is his tired-boy face. He is still sweet in unpredictable spurts (and when being totally entertained or getting his own way). But, the days of him being agreeable, quiet, and easy are gone.
Here is how it started: He figured out how to get out of his crib about 6 months ago. He was not quite old enough to understand "stay in your bed or else..." so, after a few long days and nights (ie: him coming in my room a few times a night just to say hi), we bought a crib net and trapped him in. This net, or "tent" as we taught him to call it (in an effort to trick him into thinking it might be fun), has been a lifesaver.
Well, all good things have to come to an end sometime, and last week was the end. He figured out how to get out with the net on. He is like Houdini! He gets out and I go in his room and the net is still on. It does not look disturbed. So we put him in over and over again.... begin the calm, loving reasoning on why he needs to stay in bed and ending in threatening to take his blanket away, etc. To make a long story short, we are done with naps and bedtime is hellish instead of calming.
Does anyone have ANY ideas for us? Seriously we might try anything. After observing his skills at staying in the crib because we have told him to, I am hesitant to use a toddler bed yet. But maybe that is what we have to do... who knows?



Hoop is what Isaac calls the basketball hoop and we think it is so funny because he says "I-I (he refers to himself in the third person... cute now, but would drive me crazy if he were older) play hoops!" It is like he picked up a slang word and none of us ever have used that word! Well, the good news is that he is awesome at hoops and the weather is great and he spends his days doing what you see below:

Really he tries a little of everything... inspecting it, different shots, trick moves, and the amazing thing is that he does it all in cowboy boots and sweats (as pictured here).


Up at the Red Rocks

This is on the bridge on the way back.

Jackson climbed on all the slippery rocks to get behind the waterfall. I was really nervous but let him do it and I cannot believe how old he is getting! He was totally fine and did great.

We held Isaac up to get a picture of him with the waterfall behind him but he kept looking nervously down... I guess he was almost 8 feet up (thanks to Adam).

This was hilarious. We were laughing so hard because we kept trying to get a family picture and this kid was right in it. We didn't tell him... he was just hiking around unsupervised. He was funny and clueless as a little boy should be.

There are so many places for the kids to explore and climb.

In a cave.

We had such a great day hiking around at the Red Rocks. We are lucky that they are only a few minutes away from our house and our kids are in heaven up there. It is beautiful! I think I like it even more than the boys do.


Weekend in B-town

Cute Adam

Grandpa and the boys

Isaac loves Grandma because she is so great with him.

The boys watching Grandma Hawkins play the DS

Cousins watching Space Buddies

Happy Cousins at The Wild (for more details check Jackson's Blog)


Running up a hippos mouth


Jackson (unhappy that I am making him stand still for 2 seconds for a picture) and Zac