Merry Christmas!

We are thankful for a great life and are enjoying the season. I am trying hard to make sure that my children remember why we are celebrating Christmas and I feel more thankful than ever this year for my little family and extended family and also really great friends! We are so excited for Santa to come to our new house tonight... I hope he can find us!
********Merry Christmas!*******


Are You Serious Isaac?

This will be especially enjoyable for Natalie....
We all know that I have 3 children, but only one does such crazy things that they end up as "stories". Well, the two older boys were doing jobs this morning, and I was getting ready. When I came out, I started looking for Isaac so I could "check" on him. He had locked himself in Bennett's bedroom and would not unlock the door. I kept asking him to unlock the door and after about 5 minutes of him refusing, I told him to do it now or I would call the police and they would break the door to get in. Finally he opened it, but he was screaming and crying... no, he wasn't hurt. He was scared and guilty. I looked over at Bennett's bed and saw two tootsie pops half eaten and wrapper pieces everywhere! Deja vu! Hasn't this already happened before? Apparently Bennett had been saving these two tootsie pops for a while in his drawer and Isaac found them. Bennett was really sad and Isaac had a nice long time out.....


Removing vaseline from hair

Does anyone know how to do this? It was hilarious tonight when I discovered it... and I hesitate to tell the story because this post could be titled "neglect". I am of course in the middle of unpacking and settling our home (which by the way I LOVE) and so the kids are all doing their own thing quite often. Isaac got tired of all the usual things tonight and decided to go into the bathroom and "wash his hair".
I assumed, wrongfully, that he was in his room playing peacefully, and specifically did not check on him because if I opened the door, he inevitably would want me to stop working and play. Anyone who thinks this is wrong of me has not had a 3-year-old, or it has been 20 years since they had little kids and they have re-made their memories to perfection. :) I knew he was completely safe in there since there are no chords, choking hazards, water, etc... After about 40 minutes of this, I went into the bathroom to put something away, and as I opened the door I smelled something wonderful... like fresh and clean soap. And, I was right! Isaac had unloaded about 1-2 cups of vaseline and about 1/2 a bottle of hand soap into a wonderful smelling lather that covered the mirror and his head.
I laughed SO hard (not a good reaction as far as teaching goes) and I went to go get my camera only to realize that I had no clue where it was... still packed somewhere. Darn it. He was so cute and messy and I thought it was funny until I put him in the shower and realized it would NOT come out for anything. Also he was screaming because it was in his eyes by now. I combed out as much as I could and was prepared to cut all of his hair off when Adam said it would ruin the clippers.... so what are my options now? Well, I googled it and got lots of crazy ideas including coke, Tide, eggs, etc... has anyone solved this before?
On an unrelated note, I love it when someone has a great playlist on their blog, and I found one on my friends blog this week... hope you don't mind Erin if I put a link for your music! It is all Christmas music and there is some that the kids love and some that I love... nice variety. They are our good friends that moved last fall from Las Vegas. Enjoy!


Today Was A Good Day

It was Isaac's birthday...

... and we bought our first house.


Don't Kiss Me I will Die

This is what Isaac said tonight, on the eve of his 3rd birthday. He was crying at bedtime because he was too tired, and I was leaning over his bed kissing his puffy cheek, and he said between cries: "Don't kiss me, I will die."