Jackson is 8

We had a good time celebrating Jackson's 8th birthday! Friday he went to school and had a great day and then Saturday morning we took some friends from church to see the new 3D movie UP which was great too.

I must say that his two sweet little brothers had a little trouble on Friday with jealousy and I still don't know why. We have never noticed that with the kids before. Isaac hugged him while he opened his presents and Bennett never smiled.

Here he is with his friends at the theater.

Notice Bennett's face here... that was his smile.

I always let my kids say what kind of a cake they want and then I do my best to make it happen. We've done Scooby-Doo, Star Wars, Thomas the Train, a robot, a train with different cars, a truck, a snowman, corn-on-the-cob, army guys in jails with pirates gold coins... that is all I think. Anyway, Jackson wanted a shark eating a fish. That was the request, so this was it. We added lego guys in a lego boat doing a little fishing at the top.


Long Game Nights with Ben

Tonight I let Bennett stay up with me and watch me fold laundry while his brothers went to bed on time. He always goes to bed early with them and falls asleep about and hour after them and I feel bored for him every night. He talked my ear off and made up a fun game with the pieces of connect four... it was one of those games where the rules keep changing and getting added on as you go. I was constantly being corrected because I could not keep track of all the changing details. It included an invisible dice that I would have to throw up in the air and then he would tell me what number I got, and once I got a 7, so that was wonderful. When I finally made him go to bed, he told me he wanted a gun. I am not anti-gun by the way... I think they are fine. I asked him why and he said he would shoot a million holes in the ground and then throw flower seeds in all the holes. I told him it would be soooo cool! And he said "no mom, it would be so beautiful." He is so great.



Jackson just did a blog post- go check it out with the link to the right!


The Old Days

It is freaking me out a little lately how I went so quickly from having to make time pass by... like making life more interesting for me and some cute little boys by thinking of fun things to do at our house since we had no car and daddy was working crazy long hours.... to having time pass by at lightspeed. How did this happen?

Baths were long and fun... just to kill time.

Jackson was only four.

Leisurely meals....

Bennett fell off two carpeted steps and broke his little tiny arm... I guess that is something I don't miss, but he was so easy and cute that it was not that bad!


They got along great before Bennett could talk and have an opinion!


I can't remember to get my camera out and take pictures lately, maybe it's the heat. I am not complaining... I love it! We have been swimming a lot and both older boys have finished their spring season of football or soccer. The boys are being really cute and getting along pretty well lately. That is always welcome:).

Here is a story about each of them. We have been looking at houses around here with a realtor lately and we went into one house that we loved, so we spent some time looking around. Jackson stayed in the living room doing homework... or so we thought. When we left I said to Adam that I would like to go in the house again before we made an offer and Jackson piped up and said, "I have the code to get in right here!" On his homework he had written a 4 digit code that opened the key box for the house. I told him it might not be right and he said he had gone over and written it down, then mixed it up and tested it to see if it worked and the key box had opened! (Well, I actually wanted to show the house to a friend without bugging the realtor and it did work.) We know he is always thinking and very smart, but the question is should we be scared?? :)

Adam and I caught a lizard the other night when our children were in bed and then we made an amazing habitat in a large Gladware container. We are nerds I know. In the morning when the kids woke up, they were so excited and were talking about it non-stop. I told Bennett he got to name the lizard because he loves animals (and also because I always think he gets overlooked). He decided to name it Pinata because he wants a pinata at his birthday party. We had to let Pinata go a couple nights ago because we actually don't want a lizard. :) Bennett is so nice to his brothers that it is sad. Jackson hurt him in a moment of rage the other night and he started crying. Well, there was actually a mark so Adam told Jackson he could not play DS or Wii for a week. Jackson often goes a week without playing either one, but I think Jackson thinks he plays them a lot because he freaked out when he heard that. Bennett ended up comforting Jackson about his punishment and trying to make him feel better. He is SO sweet, I cannot get over it!

Isaac is still sleeping great in his new car bed and it is SO NICE. I cannot believe what a difference sleep makes. Isaac is either cute and charming everyone around him or totally unable to be happy. There is rarely an in-between. He thinks Adam is the best thing in the world (I agree) and he calls him "Abam" a lot instead of dad. He sings Twinkle Twinkle Little Star non-stop and loves to swim. He jumps off the side of the pool into the deepend and yells "CANNONBALL!!!" everytime. We are totally in love with him.

That is enough talk :)... I am just trying to kill time waiting to check Mr. J-Dog's blood sugar to see if he is going up or down before I go to bed. I thought blogging would pass the time and it has.


Trip to B-Town

We had such a great time in Bakersfield a couple of weekends ago. It took me forever to blog because when the computer is upstairs and your camera is down stairs in the car, it is impossible to walk down and get it... or something like that. We went to a play Fri. night while we were there and it was awesome. Then Saturday we flew kites at the park and celebrated Nat's birthday. The cousins were in heaven and we hardly had to even do anything because they kept themselves so busy playing happily together. It sounds like I am exaggerating but it is actually true. We love to get together with them with the kids at these perfect ages. Thanks mom and dad for having us!

Antibody Testing

We spent more time at the Children's Hospital in L.A... this time to get the little boys tested for the diabetes antibodies for the natural history test. Also Jackson got a fasting blood sugar test and his usual treatment. I cannot believe how tough these kids are. Everyone was poked and had blood taken or something put into them and not one cried! They didn't even get nervous. I think it is because needles are not a foreign object at our house.

This is cute Bennett with numbing cream before his test.

Isaac with numbing cream before his test.

Jackson just chilling out with a bunch of stuff hooked to him.... he seriously does not care what they do.
We should get the results soon for these tests and we are hoping for the Doctor to say that neither boy shows any antibodies!!! Isaac had high blood sugar for a few months until the Dr. told us about an experimental way to bring it down and we have tried it and it seems to be working so we are holding our breaths and hoping for the best.