Poor Little Man

Isaac really enjoyed celebrating his big brothers' birthday in May and June... and every morning (and a couple times during the day) he asks me, "is it my birthday today?" Then I say, "Not yet." He is so excited. He has to wait until December, but hopefully the anticipation is part of the fun. I feel so bad that I am considering having a little party for him so he can relax.



We have been having a lot of company and fun lately. Since school got out for Jackson, we have had my mom, Steph, Thomas, and their two cute kids here twice. Stephanie's new baby Asher is an angel... I am not exaggerating. I have no pictures of him because I was too busy holding him and trying to get enough of him. It didn't work. I could not get enough of him! Here is a picture off of Steph's blog:

We spent a day this week at the Lied Children's Museum and it was so fun. Every summer we end up going because one of the prizes for the library summer reading program is a free ticket to the museum. So, all the boys get a ticket about mid-July and we have been 5 summers in a row now! We have lived in Vegas for 4 years now... but we moved here in July, so this is actually our 5th summer. It does not even feel hot anymore, especially since it has only gotten to 113 this summer. It has been a nice, cool summer:)!

Here is Bennett with his two best girlfriends.

In the wind tunnel.

Jackson was laughing, but the light blocks out his cute smile.

Isaac pretending to fly the airplane (I think that poor little boy in the background really wanted a turn).

Giant bubble-blowing....

Here is a funny shot of these two sweet brothers. They get along so well. When Bennett was taking a shower, I heard Isaac go in and say "What's up Ben?" They just talked and threw balls back and forth from the dry tub to the shower. I was listening in and I heard Isaac saying everytime Ben threw the ball out of the shower "Nice shot." Then when Bennett slipped at one point, Isaac said, "Man down!" They are a cute little pair.

Here is a picture of Isaac playing in the tub with no water. He plays basketball for a long time right here whenever he gets a chance. What a good boy.

Here is Jackson on his last day of school with the BEST teacher Mrs. Kramar. I wish she could just take over the education of all of my children... she is so great! And, he loved her too.


Sad Little School Boy

Jackson is so sad this week. He is in year-round school and today is his last day of school... and he is not excited about that. He was totally sad all week and especially this morning. He just doesn't see why we have to take a break from school. I totally don't get this attitude, but Adam said he really loved school as a child also, so I guess we know where he gets it from. He is such a sweet, little school boy.



We have been having way too much fun lately to sit down and blog... here are more pictures than you want to see of the last couple weeks around here: