Adam in Alaska

All the salmon were huge and they brought the fish home so we have a freezer full of REALLY tasty salmon. We've had it for dinner 3 times already!

Adam with his brother Matt.

I think this is the view from their cabin.

Fly fishing in the river.

I think they just caught one here.

Mark (Adam's bro), Jim (Adam's dad), Adam, and Matt(his other bro).

He had SO much fun and was gone for 9 days. We had fun here at home since my sister and mom and some cousins came out. I think he loved getting away from work and out of the heat.


Happy Days...

I thought I would post some random pictures of life here in the Greene family. We are lucky to have a happy family and great boys who are happy most of the time. Now, as a disclaimer, I will point out that I despise blogs because they sometimes make life seem too perfect and carefree and for some reason that irritates me, and so I will say that life is not always SO happy, but it is great and I am thankful.
Here is my favorite shot of Adam and Jackson laughing really hard at something and I have no idea what it was.

This is the shot of Isaac I see a million times a day and it is cute and happy but also very familiar and so I sometimes take it for granted how cute and happy my little guy is.

Here is a shot of me with cute little Isaac.

Three happy brothers playing on the top bunk of the bunk beds the day before we put Jackson in his own room and had to take the bunk beds apart.

Isaac helping me grind wheat one day. He is not scared of the noise and he loves to watch the wheat go down the hole. He is so fun!


Ashley's Wedding

Holding it together while waiting for the reception to start... we came early for pictures.
Cute baby and cute dad too. Isaac is 18 months now and SO much fun.
Jackson and his cousin Zac. They are both being cool here and it cracks me up... according to Jackson, smiling in pictures is not cool.
Ashley with some serious harsh shadows. I am a master photographer as you can tell. Her colors were pink with orange and yellow. It was beautiful.
My cute parents.

Ashley married Ben Jones in the Provo Temple a couple of weeks ago. We miss her living with us but I am sure she likes her new living arrangements just fine. The weather was perfect for an outdoor reception and it was beautiful and fun. It was fun to see so much family and see Ash and Ben so happy. Ashley looked BEATIFUL and my picture of her does not do her justice. I wish I had a better picture. (Ash- post about your wedding please.)


Jackson wanted a football field cake since his football season had just ended very successfully... thanks to Uncle Clint for making the field on the cake!
Here is Isaac taking matters into his own hands when no one got him out of the high chair in a timely manner... not an unusual sight... I have to REALLY watch this kid to keep him safe. He could undo buckles and open locks before he could walk.
Bennett wanted a corn on the cob cake and who knows what this boy is thinking... but I guess that is the beauty of letting the child decide! That is worms and dirt around it.
Cute brothers in the new Go Diego Go tent from the Palacios! Face paint is from the carnival.

Jackson and Bennett's birthdays are exactly 1 month apart. They both had a great time. Jackson turned 7 and Grandma and Grandpa Hawkins came out the weekend before his birthday and then his cousins the Bradfords came out the weekend after. So we celebrated a lot! Bennett turned 4 and he had a carnival birthday party and it was so fun. Both boys are just the sweetest, smartest, best little guys.