Best Baseball Season Ever!

The coaches loved Isaac because he was the youngest one on the team (by about a year), but SO into the game and SO serious about his skills. What a cutie!

Nice play Ben!

Bennett has a crazy good arm.

Isaac was so cute, he would slide into base almost every time.

Similar "baseball ready" positions!

Isaac batting...
he would hit it from the coach's pitch a lot and he would laugh and get so excited every time. It's almost like he didn't really expect to hit it! He was SO fun to watch.

Bennett walking up to bat & stretching with the bat?

Isaac on 3rd base.

Ben got some great hits in. This league has the coaches pitch and if you can't get it in the first 3 (or 4 or 5) pitches, then you use a tee. Bennett got to where he never used the tee and Isaac didn't need it most of the time either. They really improved!

Ben tagging the runner (and knocking him down)

I don't know if it was the fact that we had 2 boys on the same team, that the park they play at is 4 minutes from our house, the weather hasn't been too hot, the great coaches, or just that the planets had aligned.... but we had a really fun season of baseball!


Good Times

Well, technically this was not a good time for Alli. I just wanted to get a picture of her when she gets mad and has two pony tails. She immediately reaches up and pulls them. It is SO cute.

A much happier moment (2 seconds before the angry picture).

The early morning club... me, Jackson, and Alli.

Here is Isaac with his mother's day gift for me. (Thanks Eliza!) He was SO excited about this gift. He brought it home from preschool and then every morning when he woke up he would ask me if it was Sunday yet. The day finally came and he was getting in the shower when he asked me. I said it was Sunday and he FREAKED. He ran to his room and brought in a wrapped gift with a cute card. He was adorable watching me open it and pointing out all the details to me. I just love his personality so much!

Jackson and I playing a little legos at bedtime. His favorite thing to do with his parents.

Bennett lost his first tooth!! It was a big deal around here, and he pulled it himself. The tooth fairy came and left him some cash. He looks so much older with a missing tooth, and SO cute!

All the boys play soccer every Friday and this one is the only one who talks about it the other 6 days of the week :)! Unless, of course, it's a baseball day. Then it gets put on hold while we talk about baseball.

We had a ward campout last weekend and the boys had a lot of fun!

Getting crazy in the tent late at night with the war cards and some licorice.

Happy Alli at campfire

Really loving life

At campfire- I think Jackson was annoyed with me (for some good reason I'm sure)

True Red Socks fan camping

And here is one more shot of the missing tooth.... and Isaac is just soaking it all in. He loves having older brothers!


This is what I wake up to:

And this is a little "lego scene" that Jackson made:

He wanted me to take a picture of it and I thought it was hilarious! He loves the lego a day blog and keeps wanting to make his own.