Our Snow Day

This was so great. I wish this would happen every year!

(for a day or two.. and then melt)

Christmas Morning

Christmas Morning was so fun this year.

Bennett had been asking for this random alligator with babies on its back for months and he was freaking out when he opened it. Forget all the big stuff... this was all he wanted!

Classic Elefun with a Powertool workshop in the background.

All Isaac wanted was his stocking and the tic tacs he found and opened inside. He sat with me all morning and all I could smell was some serious passionfruit. Thanks Santa!

Bennett was very helpful when it was Isaac's turn to open a gift :)

Awesome gift choice for this smart kid.

This book is so cool and I recommend it for all young boys. It is called "The Dangerous Book for Boys" and it has all sorts of cool stuff in it. I think we are 1 or 2 years early on giving this, but Adam was excited about it so we got it for Jackson.

Legos were the main thing everyone did Christmas day which is what has happened for the last few years and I am sure it will be that way for years.

Isaac got a basketball hoop his size and he went nuts with it all day long. He is obsessed with sports! It is so fun.

Christmas at Bass Pro Shops

Christmas is not complete until you spend some time sitting in the party barges at the Bass Pro Shops as a family, right? For some reason we go here a lot and the kids try everything out.

Jackson was here^ the whole time until we forced him to see Santa.

Isaac in a little train car.

New best friend.

Favorite fish bench

Happy Birthday Sweet Isaac Boy


A Little Info on our Oldest Boy- JACKSON

Jackson is in first grade and his school is a year-round school.... and he is on track break. I actually really love to have him home with us. He does a lot of great things and is so smart and funny. Sometimes it is like there is an adult to talk to and then I remember that he is seven when he does something seven-year-oldish.
He gives Fifi the most care and attention and is the only one in the family with a slight dog allergy.

Jackson LOVES to read and is the top AR student in his class... I will not be explaining what AR is because I am not totally sure, but his teacher is very pleased with him and so are his parents.

These two boys (pictured here under green blankie) think that Jackson is quite a big deal! Bennett still calls him Gackson and I hope he never figures out that he is saying it wrong because it sounds so precious. Isaac calls him Dack which is kind of like Jack with a D or duck with and a.

Jackson got a Nintendo DS for getting diabetes in late September (no we did not intend to reward our children for autoimmune disease, but he was heartbroken and this distracted him) and this is a picture of one of the first days after he got his beloved DS. This is still the position I find these two boys in every morning until I force it closed and make everyone eat and brush their teeth. Bennett is totally satisfied watching. Kind of sad and kind of cute. The DS now makes me a little crazy sometimes because kids can't hear me when they are playing it, but don't think for a second I don't use it to keep people still and busy when it suits me.


We're Doing Good

Cute handsome boys in their new clothes from Grandma Hawkins. By the way, I inherited my blogging skills from my parents. I am like the fair-weather friend of blogging... only on my terms
We got a dog named Fifi (pre-named... not by us) and she is cute.

These two will stay with her as long as I let them. So cute.

Isaac caught a little nap on the couch here.

Happy Boy!

Bennett was a ninja for Halloween.

Jackson was Jack Sparrow.

Isaac was a pirate.

Happy Halloween!

Jackson wanted to take a scary picture so I took the camera and said one, two, three! and then turned and screamed. I really scared him and so it was a scary picture!

Cutting Ben's hair... he was not enjoying it.

Here is the "before" pic.

Bennett with "green blankie".

Studious young fellow.

At the pumpkin patch picking out our pumpkins.

So I just checked my cousins blog and it said that her little boy asked for a January calendar when he sat on Santa's lap. I thought that was so cute and hilarious, so I told this to Jackson (thinking that he would laugh about it with me) and he said, "Why doesn't he just ask for a PSP? He could go online and go to google.com and download calendars for the whole year!" WHAT? Is he still a seven-year-old? I was seriously disturbed and spent the morning plotting how we could move out to a farm with no electricity and just love each other and live off the land. :)

Just Kidding (not really).


This is Funny


Totally worth your time and makes me miss my Grandma.



It is my dad's birthday today and I wish I could
have a huge party for him because he deserves
some celebration... just ask anyone who knows him.

He is a great husband to my mom.

An awesome Grandpa.

And a seriously tough hiker. Love you dad!


Regular Life

Since there is nothing in our life to really post about
right now, I thought I would just put up some
recent pictures of our life.

This is Jackson's first day of first grade. I have no idea why he
was making a face at me. I like to think he was trying to
convince himself that he was not sad to leave me all day...
but I know that is not true because he is
just naturally an independent and confident little boy.
We have been so lucky that he got an amazing teacher
and I really love his school, so first grade is
going great so far!

I don't know if you know this, but these boots are

kind of a big deal. And Isaac is ALWAYS getting

into the fridge even if he doesn't want to eat!

Bennett is SO sweet and ready for church here.

We have the primary program this Sunday and

he loves to say his part. The presidency helps

all the sunbeams and they tell me that in practice

he insists on doing it himself and sometimes

forgets it... he is SO sweet to Jackson and always

wants to get him something if we are out doing

something while Jackson is at school. Cute Boy.


Grandpa and Grandma Greene Visit

Adam trying to nap on the floor. Doesn't usually work
but totally worth a try!

Cute Ben Boy

Jackson and Grandpa playing chess on the

chess board he made with legos.

Grandma playing jacks with Isaac.

We had so much fun with them...

they are great to drive all the way out from ID.