Jackson is getting so OLD!  He is still a great kid and we love watching him grow up.

Here he is being super fast at the speed stack competition.

I love this picture (Easter morning) because him and Alli happened to be looking at eachother.  She loves her oldest brother and you can just see it in her face here.

These two get along great as they get older and it is fun to have them be friends.


Bennett is a fast speed stacker.... they did a tournament and he got the new 1st grade doubles record with his friend!  Pretty awesome.

Bennett is always doing something silly when he sees that I am taking a picture:

He has had a great year so far!  He did awesome in 1st grade and is just as sweet as ever.


I just love the preschool age and Isaac has been so fun these last few months!  Here are some pictures of him from earlier in the year:

This is a normal outfit of his choosing... army pants with cowboy boots.  He is even carrying a game which is what he wants to do all the time.  He LOVES games.

Him and Bennett play together a lot and they love the Wii, of course!

Alli in the spring time

She still changes her mood easily... that is the nice way to say it:)!

Loves to play whatever her brothers are playing.  Also loves her only girl cousin on the Hawkins side, Madison!

Always trying to take out her latest flower or hair bow. 

She loves the trampoline!  Here she is rolling around on it on a Sunday afternoon.