I am actually going to post on my blog today, and I am literally being forced:)! Let me explain: my mom is here helping out this summer and she told me tonight that if I don't post tonight, I can forget dinner tomorrow for the family. I am not sure if she is serious or joking, so I will just not take any chances.

Well, here is the update for the last 7 months: we are all doing just fine. Life has been good and the boys are all happy and healthy. We are having a baby girl in a few weeks... sometime in August... and we are getting so excited to meet her. We are being hounded about a name by everyone we know and we are having trouble choosing one. PLEASE leave an idea in the comments if you have a favorite girl name... only rule is that it has to have existed before the last 20 years or so, so no new, cool names.

Jackson is finishing second grade and he had a great year. He did golf lessons in the winter and spring and had fun with it. He is getting tall and looking old, and has been so great helping out this last year whenever I have not been totally healthy. It is amazing to me how grown up he is sometimes.

Bennett just finished preschool and is excited to start kindergarten in a couple months. He played soccer in the spring and loved it, but wondered why the coach and other parents always yelled... I think I should start yelling at my kids so they are not so confused and thrown off in the real world.... I'll consider it. Bennett is still sweet and kind and so handsome.

Isaac is seriously funny. He is so excited about everything in life and is fun to raise. His main focus now is his new "baby sista" and he is all over her (aka: my belly) every chance he gets. He asked me the other day why my skin is "so, so, so white and his is just normal." I guess I could go outside more often :)! I also caught him praying with our little dog today and he was holding the dogs arms "folded" across the dogs chest. A reverent little pup.

Adam's job is still good and we feel lucky for that with so many people around us having trouble.

I think this is quite enough to warrant tomorrow night's dinner, so that is all for now!