Easter Overload

I love Easter! Here are the kids after church today. The before church pics were sparse since church starts at 8:00am!

I think the older two boys are really understanding the reason for Easter (after years of FHE lessons, primary, and talking about it). But isn't that how it is learning anything? Repetition :)! Especially Jackson has asked questions about the death of Jesus Christ and the ressurrection a lot this year. I love watching them grow up.

Someone loves her big brothers as much as they love her!

Cute little buddies

We went to the Springs Preserve during spring break. I love going there. It's clean and nice and you can't tell you are in the middle of Las Vegas.

Isaac felt really grown up with his map while at the Springs Preserve. He kept stopping to consult it and study it. I had to get a picture of his serious studying.

In the rabbit burrow!

Beautiful father and daughter

We also went rollerskating TWICE over spring break! The first time we went with friends and I had all 4 kids and no spouse. I realized quickly that we HAD to have both parents there to help little kids skate and take care of Alli.... they wouldn't let you skate with a baby in your arms. Alli did great both days and enjoyed the lights and music.

I have actually never been rollerskating with Adam in the 12+ years I have known him.... I was totally surprised at how good he is! He was a little offended at how shocked I was about it:)!

Isaac is learning pretty well and did great at keeping his feet in the right position. He never cried or got discouraged when he fell.... he just kept laughing and laughing.

Bennett improved a ton from the time we got there to the time we left. He wanted us to pull him around the rink and not skate himself... funny boy. He might need to try water skiing!

Also we have done a LOT of easter egg hunts. We did have a few days at the beginning of the break where we were just home while our car was being fixed... and easter egg hunts seemed to be the only thing that everyone always wanted to do.

Humiliating Tuffy:)

Easter eggs are Alli's new favorite toy. When I clean up and put away all the Easter stuff, I will definitely save a few eggs out for her. She LOVES them!



Day One of Spring Break

We have no big plans this year for spring break. In fact, we have one car while our other is being fixed, and Adam has the one car at work with him! So we are super exciting! Yesterday we did a combination of cleaning the house and easter egg hunts. I must say that when there is no school, no scouts, no tennis, no baseball, and no chance to go to the store, we really get the house clean! Cleaning without interruptions is like a dream come true.

We had a good FHE to get ready to celebrate Easter. Once the kids were in bed I took the car and went to Walgreen's to do some couponing. I am trying to get good at the whole couponing thing so I can go on the show Extreme Couponing. Just kidding...... I just learned how to do it about 3 weeks ago and it is kind of fun and sometimes time-consuming. I'm giving it a few months before I decide if it's worth it.

Alli LOVED the Easter eggs. She has never been as content as she was yesterday in her whole life! She played by herself for over an hour. Just sat there picking up egg after egg, trying to shove it in her mouth. She never got frustrated by the fact that they wouldn't fit.... she'd just try the next one. There were like 200 so it kept her busy.

Here are some shots of the boys doing their laundry. Jackson does his own. Bennett does his mostly on his own. Isaac brings his down, puts it in the washer and switches it to the dryer. Now I'm teaching him to fold, and he puts his all away. Can you tell what job I hate the most? I'm pawning it off as quickly as I can!


Boulder City Train

We went and rode the train a couple weeks ago after baseball.

The boys loved it.

We had multiple failed attempts at a family picture because of the wind. Atleast Adam's good looking.

The kids in the mail car. Isaac and Bennett are in their baseball pants.

Another great shot of us: Adam talking, me squinting with wild windy hair, Isaac trying to block the sun and wind out of his eyes.....

It's as if Alli has never seen her dad before. She kept looking at him!

On the train.
Fun day!