The boys are cute too....

I've noticed that since I've had Alli, there are about 8 pictures of Alli for every 1 picture of one of her big brothers. I have to get better at that. For now, here she is from the month of March! And, there are a couple with her brothers too.

First time eating rice cereal.... yes I am weird and don't give my kids any solids until at least 7 months. She LOVED it.
They think it is so funny to watch her eat. She gets crazy and wild.

Here are her favorite leg warmers. :)

St. Patrick's Day... Alli is trying to jump off the couch here.

This is a classic picture of her playing in her saucer. Non-stop motion.

I love the look on her face. This is a look I get a lot.

Happy in her sunshine shirt.

Like I've said before... intense.

Playing with her doll in her crib... Bennett has named this doll Baby Emma because that is what he wanted me to name Alli.

Those are her favorite toy... her shoes.


The Buck Family Visits Us!

We had a great month of March. First we had the Buck's visit and some of the boys went to Nascar. Those who stayed home had fun going to Rocket Fizz and playing!

Alli LOVED her only girl cousin on the Hawkins side! Maddie was so great with her.

She is scooting around a little...

She gets sassy sometimes.

Early morning trampoline time.

What is this all about Bennett?

Breakfast by Adam

These three play so well together. It is so fun to get them together.

And Tuffy plays well too.

Lego time. Jason is too cute!

Thanks for coming guys! Until the next Nascar race.....


January & February

We are still alive and happy.

Here we are at the Surprise, Arizona zoo. It is our favorite zoo. It's really small and the animals are active and fun to watch. The boys each got to feed the giraffes.

I took the boys on the log ride and sat in the back so I wouldn't get too wet. Of course I miscalculated and got drenched! It felt great and the boys thought it was hilarious.

Bennett age 6 1/2

Isaac age 4 loved the camels

Jackson age 9 1/2

Adam and Alli 6 months

That is it for zoo pictures.... but here is a cute one of Isaac:

I had a weekend with my old roommates from Ricks College. We had a lot of fun!

This was a common pose when we took pictures in college so we squeezed onto this couch to recreate it.

This was Alli's Christmas dress. I love it so much. We forgot to take pictures when she wore it at Christmas time.