Blessing Day

We had Allison blessed last Sunday.

Here is our family picture AFTER church on Sunday. Big mistake. Sorry if I look hammered in all these pictures... I am! Here are the people who were at the blessing: (sorry if there is a picture of anyone they don't like... we had one shot of each because we were all about to be late for church)

Ashley, Ben, and Lincoln came down for the blessing. It was fun to have Lincoln around... he is the HAPPIEST baby I have ever met in my life!

Here is me with my mom and Allison.

Natalie, Brody, and their kids came. My kids were in HEAVEN thanks to having these guys around. They entertain my kids so well.

Bria, Ann, and Ashlin came and we all realized that Ashlin is really good with babies and little kids. I would give anything to have this girl live closer. She can be the new Bria when Bria goes off to college.

My parents with Allison. This was also my dad's birthday!

She was blessed in the dress I was blessed in 32 years ago. Also, the dress was made by my mom!

Precious little pearl bracelet

Will her eyes stay blue? Wishful thinking.....

Little soft shoes

She seriously would not hold still for even one shot of the dress, but this was the best shot of many. She was kicking and happy so I can't complain!
Thanks everyone who came out for her blessing! It was fun!


Allison is so sweet... I know how fast this time goes and I am appreciating how tiny and sweet she is for such a short time!

Here is another sweet child. He brought me breakfast in bed that he had made all by himself for my birthday. He is getting so old!

Here Is Isaac's Life

blurry, but true... he's on the computer a lot with a wii remote nearby

playing with his new sister

wondering why a child his age has a mullet

first day of preschool! this is his favorite thing.

happy every saturday at soccer

They Love Her

her first time on the top bunk

every thing she does cracks isaac up

jackson is so careful with her

she is part of the new bedtime routine

bennett is really responsible when he has her


We always thought that Isaac's nails just grew very slowly and never needed cutting.....today I came downstairs and discovered the truth about his nicely manicured nails.

Sweet baby sister...

Grandpa and Grandma Hawkins came to visit for Labor day. We all went bowling. This first picture of Isaac is right after he was scolded for eating an old french fry off the floor. I guess he got hungry and his nails weren't cutting it.

Bennett and Jackson both beat Grandpa....though they got to use the bumpers.

Bennett makes some great faces...