School Days

Alli spends part of her day each day playing in her hall. It is kind of like a dog run. She has a hallway that leads to her bedroom, and it overlooks the stairs so there is a fun railing to throw stuff through. We put a gate at the end of the long hall, and it is perfect! She can go up and down the hall getting exercise and when she has thrown all her toys down the stairs she can go into her room and get more.... what a fun activity.
Heading into her room.

Isaac does a great job keeping her happy by playing in there with her.
My 3 school kids.

I've gotten a LOT more quality time with these two this week and I love it!
I am loving these school days! Everyone is worn out and happy and I can focus more easily on my kids individually as well as other responsibilities. I do miss summer laziness and relaxing a little, but it's nice to switch it up.
Now, if the weather would cool off, it would really feel like fall!

Isaac's first day of PRESCHOOL

Isaac with Miss Marcie

This day is big-time! It has been long-awaited and talked about for months. Isaac is always 0verly ready for all milestones because he watches his big brothers and plans for his big moment. It is SO cute. He picked out his shirt and backpack and spent a lot of time wondering which things to put in his backpack.... lots of discussion! His teacher is so nice and his class has cute kids, so I think this will be a good year for him!