Merry Christmas!!!

Here is a little fun we've had the past couple weeks!
We got to meet and pet a couple of Santa's reindeer.
Vegas sledding....
Watching the big brothers go down the snow hill.
Obviously all this snow was trucked in. So fun!

Isaac turned five, and here are some pics of the fun day:
Isaac wanted and pinata and I didn't get one so his nice big brother made one for him :)
He was giving himself bunny ears here.... guess that's what 5-year-olds do!
He helped me make this donut cake out of some Dee's Donuts.
Bennett was the narrator in a Thanksgiving performance for his 1st grade class. He had a little mustache painted on by his teacher, and he did a great job! He was so cute.
Adam surprised us and showed up. I thought he was at work 25 minutes away! It was fun to see him since this was Thanksgiving week and he was only home to sleep (and not much of that!).
She was not very entertained by the Thanksgiving performance :).... that is a distant, glazed look of the 4th child in a stroller at her big brothers school... AGAIN.

I have to hold back to not take pictures every Sunday before church. That always look so cute!