It is my dad's birthday today and I wish I could
have a huge party for him because he deserves
some celebration... just ask anyone who knows him.

He is a great husband to my mom.

An awesome Grandpa.

And a seriously tough hiker. Love you dad!


Regular Life

Since there is nothing in our life to really post about
right now, I thought I would just put up some
recent pictures of our life.

This is Jackson's first day of first grade. I have no idea why he
was making a face at me. I like to think he was trying to
convince himself that he was not sad to leave me all day...
but I know that is not true because he is
just naturally an independent and confident little boy.
We have been so lucky that he got an amazing teacher
and I really love his school, so first grade is
going great so far!

I don't know if you know this, but these boots are

kind of a big deal. And Isaac is ALWAYS getting

into the fridge even if he doesn't want to eat!

Bennett is SO sweet and ready for church here.

We have the primary program this Sunday and

he loves to say his part. The presidency helps

all the sunbeams and they tell me that in practice

he insists on doing it himself and sometimes

forgets it... he is SO sweet to Jackson and always

wants to get him something if we are out doing

something while Jackson is at school. Cute Boy.


Grandpa and Grandma Greene Visit

Adam trying to nap on the floor. Doesn't usually work
but totally worth a try!

Cute Ben Boy

Jackson and Grandpa playing chess on the

chess board he made with legos.

Grandma playing jacks with Isaac.

We had so much fun with them...

they are great to drive all the way out from ID.

Cute Kids

So after the family reunion we thought we would keep the
party going so we all went back to Bakersfield and spent the
weekend at my parents' house. Before church on Sunday,
we made our usual poor decision of trying to take a cousins
picture. A decision we will continue to make because of posterity.
It didn't turn out good... little Ambrose was tired since it was his
naptime and he took a step towards his mom and tripped on a crack
and literally fell on his face with blood and all. Poor little sweet guy.
Of course he was smiling within minutes, but in the meantime his
older cousins blamed his fall on the only girl cousin who was
standing closest to him... that took out two of 7 cousins. Then Jason
just didn'twant to be a part of the organization and pushiness of it all.
Only 4 children remained for the

Here is little bubba with blood and a half-smile.

Here is the way we got more people to participate... make it silly.

Madison is still in perfect pose. I love her.

Kind of a funny glimpse into life at our houe the night we got

back from a long trip (we were gone for 10 days).

I think Adam and I were really tired

so Isaac (without pants but with his church shirt still on)

got himself a mangoout of the fridge.

Apparently it was time to eat.




Aunt Ashley and Uncle Ben with tired and grumpy Isaac

Bennett dancing with Grandma waiting for the night show

The show was a little scary for Isaac so he stayed tight with his dad.

I forgot how much I liked Disneyland. Bennett and Isaac

had never been there. Jackson went a lot before he was

three so he remembered nothing. It was like the first time

the kids had been and it was perfect. We got there early and

stayed until almost 11 pm. Here is my mom and dad

above with Isaac standing in line for Jungle Cruise.

Bennett running from a giant boulder.

Jackson is obsessed with Indiana Jones legos so this

was a pretty big deal here.

Tired and worn out on the train ride around the park.

Me and the boys in front of the haunted mansion.

Newport Beach

We had such a FUN vacation to Newport for the Hawkins
family reunion. It was like a month ago, but I forget to blog
if you haven't noticed. I could live on the beach I love it so much.

Bennett's favorite part was the donuts we got most mornings

for the boys' breakfast.

Isaac just kind of milled around happy to play with the sand.

Jackson did boogie-boarding this year for the first time

and got pretty good. He loved it!

Poor Isaac wasn't old enough to go boogie-boarding.


This day was a really, really big deal. We were baking bread
at home and suddenly there was weather outside. All we ever
have in Las Vegas is hot, sunny days, and there was actually

The big boys went out barefoot and played in the gutters

racing leaves down to the storm drain and filling their

umbrellas with water.

Isaac was napping and missed the whole thing, but loved the bread.