My sister Natalie said she loves it when people recommend things on their blog, so here are some things I use and love:

The first thing, not to say that I use him, but to say that I love him, is the guy in the middle there with his pants pulled up a little high. Still, I have not taken more pictures of him, so I am using any picture I can find of him at this point.

Adam got me this vacuum last summer after ours had seriously exploded (with a flash of white light and black smoke), and I have loved it. It is so easy and picks up everything really well.

This is the best flavor to me as far as "healthier" options go for butter.

LOVE this cleaner. It is good for most surfaces and antibacterial. I have atleast 5 in storage at all times!

SO good... not that healthy... coated in sugar.

This new cereal is so good. Just FYI if you see it in your grocery store and you like cinnamon as much as I do, you will love it.

These are just a few things off the top of my head.... oh yeah.....

and these guys are one of my favorite things!


A Good Weekend

We had a fun weekend with my sister Ashley and her husband Ben coming to stay with us. I have only one picture of Ben and it is him sleeping on the air mattress.... and I have a feeling it is not a pic he wants posted on the internet. So here is Ash!


John who?

I was singing with Bennett today and helping him learn the Latter-Day Prophets song. I would sing part of it and then stop before the prophet's name and wait for him to fill in the blank. So I got through Joseph Smith, then Brigham Young, and when I said "John" I waited to see what he would say, and he said McCain. He is so cute and so smart:)


Such Good Boys

Isaac loves this hat and wears it so often that he sometimes sleeps in it. At least it is cute, but it often gets put on crooked (as seen here). He is so sweet and so fun...

...and so happy!

I loves Bennett's personality. If I tell him to smile for a picture, this is the sort of thing he does. Throw a leg up and give me a look. He says funny things every day that I would write on this blog if I could remember things from one day to the next.

A good shot of Isaac's newest obsessions which are his boots and his car which is pronounced "tar".

They want us to let them all sleep in one bed sometime (and I think I probably won't do it), but they are cute and getting along better lately than ever before.

One morning before school...

THE new boots

I love technology

And I don't mean to sound like Kip. I just think all the time about where we would be without medical technology, research, smart people, etc...

Jackson and I went to the LA Children's Hospital yesterday and he played his DS so much that he is playing it in every picture.
Riding the tram at the airport.

On the plane going there.

Getting drugs.

In the taxi (there and back).

In the plane coming home.
There is a game that Bayer is developing for diabetic kids that hooks the blood checker to the Nintendo DS and you get points depending on how good your blood sugars have been. It is so cool! Jackson got to be one of the test kids and he loved it. He played it for hours and then the nurse asked him questions about it. He hopes it is on the market soon!


Inauguration day

Did everyone else's kids watch the entire inauguration start to finish and do nothing but inauguration handouts, worksheets, obama fact games, etc. at school today? I am not opposing it all, just really surprised because I don't think I EVER heard about inauguration day in my years of schooling. Very interesting.



... in this picture (stolen from my sis-in-law's blog) it looks like we are smiling, but it can get a little serious with the Wii competition between us. My brother-in-law is laughing AT us because we act a little different in the heat of a boxing match. Notice that Adam is blocking and I am punching- haha. Also notice that our neice, Maya, has a hot pink cast because she broke her leg in 3 places snowboarding. Okay, not really snowboarding. Maybe though!


Glad to have him back!

It turns out that I need to take more pics of Adam... these were the three most recent pictures I have of him. He has been working nights (6 nights/week) since after Christmas and last night was his last one. It has been really weird and we are ready to be done. I don't know how people work nights as a normal schedule. Of course Adam never said a bad word or complained, it was just me and the kids kind of counting down the nights until we are back to normal.

P.S. I don't want to be a single mom:)


Nightly Training

My children smoke me at this game and I am getting a little irritated (secretly). I do the whole "Great Job sweetie" thing with a fake smile on my face so their self esteem doesn't suffer, but I am feeling really competitive and planning to practice tonight while everyone is sleeping.


Kind of a Big Deal

These two guys are in LA today getting the first of many infusions done on Jackson at the children's hospital in Los Angeles. He got accepted to be part of a study for a new trial drug that is being tested on recently diagnosed diabetics. It might slow the shutting down of his insulin production or it might be a total waste of time. We will see. It will be a four year process and lots of travelling, hopefully no side effects, and 50 dollars for Jackson every time we go... BIG bucks to a 7-year-old. Adam is such a great dad. He is working nights right now and got home from work this morning at 8:30, grabbed his boy and some stuff, drove to the airport, flew to Burbank, took a taxi to the hospital, is helping Jackson with everything, then will return home the same way he went... only to go back to work tonight at 9:30. He wanted to be with him and take him and is so sweet with him. It will make for a good day's sleep tomorrow when he gets to crash!


Jackson's New Blog

All that Jackson really wanted for Christmas was his own blog and he didn't get it! So, after MONTHS of asking for one, he finally has his own blog!! Go here to see it: http://jacksongreene.blogspot.com and you will be especially thrilled if you like Legos.


Getting Dressed

Isaac is growing up so quickly all of a sudden. He insists
on getting himself dressed, he calls me "Binney", he
constantly wants me to trace his hand, and he
plays for a long time all by himself. He is SO cute and
I wish I could pause him right where he is and have
him like this forever.


The Re-Training of Someone

Now, I won't say who... but someone in our family has taken to using his clothing as a toilet. Nevermind the hassle of going into a bathroom and using the facility there, just relax and go wherever you are so you aren't interrupted with silly bodily functions.
Someone else will clean up after you and do laundry non-stop.
No, really, just keep playing.
Ok- so I have totally reached my limit with whatever is going on with him. We started today the re-potty-training at age 4 1/2. I was wondering if there was a medical problem because it was getting so ridiculous, but it turns out it is just his personality. :) Great.
So every time he goes potty and has dry underwear he gets a starburst... and so far he has a perfect record.
I guess he is just human and has to have a reward for everything. Whatever works!