Our mountain and tootsie pops

This is the view I had a few days ago from my driveway... I love it when we get a little variety in the weather.

Imagine the two pictures above together. Here is the story.... Isaac was sleeping in my bed one morning recently when I woke up in the morning. It was time for me to get up and get the day going, so I snuck out of the room and downstairs with the other kids. I was so happy he had slept in so he could be happy all day! So, about 8:15 am (which is really late for him), he came slowly down the stairs. He looked really dirty, so I threw him in the tub really quick before we went on with the day. The day was busy, and I actually did not go back into my room all day! That night when I went in my room to sleep, Adam was staring at the bed. I walked over and saw three sticky sucker sticks stuck to my pillow, little pieces of torn up wrappers, and colorful spots all over the sheets.

It turns out that Isaac had woken up at some unknown time and spotted a little bag of 3 tootsie pops on the night stand next to him. (They were his big brother's from a party.) He then thought it would be best to lay on his mom's pillow and eat ALL THREE IN A ROW! --during which time he slobbered when his mouth was too full (hence the colorful spots) and then just simply left the chewed up sticks on mommy's pillow!!!! Why not, right?


Idaho/Utah Trip

The Greene's had a nice sacrament meeting we attended and a really good lunch at their home afterwards. We love visiting Idaho!
Here are the boys in front of Grandma and Grandpa Greene's house. We also got to be with all of Adam's siblings and their families, and we got to visit my Aunt Nancy and a couple of her cute girls. We stayed with Adam's sister Rachel and had so much fun at her house with her family. It was a great little vacation.

On the way up we stayed with my Grandma Hill (who refused a picture) and she is doing really well! She has been sick for a while and is improving. I had fun talking to her and meeting up with Ash and Ben for lunch.

We also visited my Grandpa Hawkins. He is sweet and getting very old. My Uncle John Hawkins was there with him and we had a great visit with him. We always love to see him.

I could not get enough of the beautiful scenery in Utah and Idaho. I had to keep reminding myself that they will have snow soon and I will not... otherwise I'd pack up a truck and move to these beautiful places!

Me and cute Grandpa.



This is the Dexcom diabetic sensor: It is the world's best invention. It has a little tiny piece that attaches to your abdomen with a remote sensor (the size of a quarter) attached to it. Then this device above is kept in your pocket or on your belt loop (if your into that:) and it gives a blood sugar reading every 5 minutes.
And, it plots those readings for you so you can see exactly what your body is doing.
And, you can set a high and low number that will sound an alarm if you reach it. (The alarm sounds like a cell phone and you can even turn it to vibrate mode like a phone.)
We love this thing!
We bought it about a year ago and Adam has been using it on and off. The only problem was that the part that is attached to your body can only be in for a week, and they were $75 each... so he wasn't using it constantly because of cost. His control is amazing with it, though, so it was important to us.
We just found out that our insurance covers most of it now! I am SO excited. They don't have a great one for children yet, but they will and I get one for Jackson too. I love advances in technology.


Adventures in Motherhood

Just to give some background.... I am NOT a shopper. I almost never go shopping for clothes for myself, and not for some noble reason, just because I feel stressed the whole time. Well, out of sheer need, I had to go shopping for clothes yesterday. The need being that I have not been exercising for a couple months and so my clothes have gotten a little tight and I hate that. So, I took my two younger boys and went to get some new clothes. It started off okay, but then progressively got worse. As I was trying on clothes (and not looking great in anything) there was cute Bennett YELLING at the top of his lungs "Mom, you are size __ (fill in the blank with the size you would hate to be)! That's a big number! What size am I, cause you're a size __!" Over and over again. Well, whatever. I didn't care too much but it was stressing me out a little. Then, my chapstick was used to write on the mirror when I wasn't paying attention. Isaac proceeded to do a huge poo in his diaper, followed by Bennett saying he needed to go potty. We had just gone (for him I might add) and so I knew it couldn't be that bad... so I did something I usually don't do, and I told him to hold it for five minutes. I had 2 more things to try on then I was done. As I took off the second-to-last pair of pants and shirt, Isaac started crying. I looked down and saw him with the 6 card (my number of items, not my size unfortunately:) on his finger like a ring. It was so tight and his finger was already swollen around it. I tried to keep him calm and just slide it off, but it was STUCK. So, I got the ruined chapstick and tried to lube it up. No luck. By now it was bright purple with veins and what not and so I took him out... had to pause to get some clothes on (!!!) and then ran out to the woman at the front desk to ask for lotion. We used that and it didn't work, so I grabbed the scissors (to the horror of this woman) and cut it off his finger. He still has a red ring around his little finger.... so sad. So, I went back to the dressing room feeling relieved only to see that Bennett had also relieved himself... darn it. I got my things, checked out and left with a kid covered in #1 and another with #2. Sorry this is gross. By the way, I am never going shopping again with little kids. :)
Now I remember why I never buy clothes.


Game Day

I never usually blog about the kids sports because they are always in some sport and it seems boring for other people... but this is ALL we are doing lately so I figured it's better to blog about this than nothing:)!
We put our cute boys in the same league this time, but different sports, and they both ended up being the orange team... total coincidence! Both of them did well and had a lot of fun for the most part.

Bennett before the game. He was REALLY excited.

Jackson before his game and he was excited too but playing it cool.

Here is Bennett in the dugout waiting to bat. His main concern was the snacks... they had orange slices in the dugout and suddenly he LOVED oranges. Ate like 50. At home, he complains if I cut up an orange for him.

Here is Jackson's team after the game. There is one person missing because they left right when the game was over. Jackson did so well for his first real basketball game ever. Adam was his coach and he did a great job. All the team members were happy and had fun and they actually did a lot better than Adam and I had expected! I took pictures during the game but they are all too dark since we were in the gym... I guess I had the camera on the wrong setting.

Here is Bennett running in to home plate. They had the coach pitch to each player and if they couldn't hit in 4 tries, they got the T out and used that instead. Bennett smacked the coaches pitch every time. He did great!


I would blog but....

.... there is nothing to blog about. Life is good and the boys are cute. Adam is coaching Jackson's basketball team and so we have practice a couple times a week. Bennett is playing coach-pitch baseball this fall and he is cute and very entertaining. Isaac wishes he could be on a real team and loves to go to practices. Isaac finished his bowl of cereal this morning and then took the leftover milk (while I was upstairs showering), and his watercolor paints and did some nice artwork. I guess they can be milkcolor paints too. It was disgusting to clean up... smelled lovely and it turns out that milk turns into glue when it dries! We went to Target and it is all I can do to not buy every Halloween product available. I love Halloween at Target. That is all.



I really love Idaho in the fall and can hardly stand to NOT hop in the car and drive up there. The weather is unpredictable and the trees actually change colors, and it reminds me of college. Well, you can imagine my excitement when my in-laws got a mission call to Taiwan and told us that they would be leaving in October! Yep. That means a trip to Idaho in the fall. I am SO excited. It should be great! There is always that chance that it would snow, and my kids would be in heaven. We haven't been up to Idaho for almost 2 years, only because Adam's parents are so great to come here, so this trip is long overdue!